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Which One is Better?Acadsoc Vs. 51Talk

Are you imagining a life where you do not have to go out of the house to work? Especially now that there’s still a coronavirus outbreak? Wishing that your workplace is just right accross your room. Hoping that work simply means firing up your laptop and smiling at the person on your screen.

Perhaps getting a home-based job is all you need. Now a days, one of the in demand home-based jobs is teaching English online.

There are practically thousands of ESL companies that hire people to teach English online. As ESL lessons are more in demand than ever and there are numerous online companies focused in connecting ESL teachers to students. Many only offer classes to Chinese students, with this being the largest ESL market.

The two leading ESL company in China is Acadsoc and 51Talk .These two are online English education platform that connects English teachers with young learners in China. Both companies has it own specially designed curriculum but also gives the teachers the freedom to tailor their lessons to each individual student. They both have similarities as well as differences too.

To get newbies started with their first ever online teaching career and to help experienced ESL teachers finally decide to jump ship or not to either Acadsoc or 51Talk, it is important to evaluate and dig deeper to all the factors in one’s organization.

Here are some important criteria to scale down

Technical Requirements

Like any home-based teaching jobs, these two ESL companies has set and has the same specific requirements to make sure that lessons go smoothly as possible.

  • CPU/Processor – Dual core processor 1 Ghz or above, Intel Core i3/i5/i7 or AMD equivalent is required

  • RAM – Atleast 2GB of RAM (4GB is recommended) with 60GB free hard disk space available

  • Headset and Webcam – A headset with noise canceling feature and a high definition webcam

  • Internet Connection – 3 Mbps and up wired DSL. You must be directly connected into the modem from your computer as wifi connection is not allowed

Make sure that you have the necessary requirements and equipments before submitting your application.

Application Process

When it comes to application process both companies are typically the same. Just like any standard application, you have to submit it online via their respective websites. Both has user friendly sites. Wait for you to be scheduled for an online interview, followed by a teaching demo, orientation and training. in this criteria Acadsoc seems to have an edge over 51Talk. As it only takes the applicants 3 days to complete the whole application process.

Class Schedule

It is important to note that both ESL platforms offers one on one video lessons with students. Each class for both Acadsoc and 51Talk lasts 25 minutes long. Considering the peak times in China:

7pm – 11pm (Mon – Fri)

9am – 11pm (Sat-Sun)

Unbooked Classes

Neither of them pay for unbooked class. However, Acadsoc pays for student absence, if the student cancelled the class within 3 hours. Unlike 51Talk, which your salary will be greatly affectted if your student cancels class on you.

Student Ratings

Acadsoc is more transparent. You will see everything from student ratings to their comments to the teacher. While 51Talk won’t show you anything.


Both will impose penalty if you are late or if you have cancelled classes. However, in Acadsoc they have Teacher-Manager or TMS who will listen and validate your appeals. If the reasons provided are valid, the TMs has the authority to waive the penalty. While in 51Talk, you will most likely get a penalty bigger than what you are earning as there will be no one to defend you from penalties.


Acadsoc will assign you a manager that will help you get more classes, listen to your feedback and will make sure to take action even to the smallest concerns. They also ensures that you’ll get the best learning ideas from your manager. 51Talk’s management is most likely the same but not as flexible as Acadsoc, as they strictly implement rules without consideration.

Pay Rate

Starting rate at 51Talk is a bit higher. They will ask you to open a minimum of 65 slots which represents 65 students. Teachers would really have to work hard and long to gain more income. However, in the long run, Acadsoc is higher. The company offers more bonuses, perks and if your are performing well you’ll be able to get a salary increase faster than 51Talk. The more students you have, the more you earn.


Acadsoc and 51Talk have tons of trainings. The two ESL companies offers a free TESOL training and certificate. TESOL training and TESOL certificate ensures that you have the skills to teach English as second language. The good thing is that you don’t have to spend money to get this training and certificate. Great for both experienced and non-experienced teachers.

Although people have different opinions and there are pros and cons to each organization, it is important to do your research as you make your decision.

Now, after scaling down the similarities and differences of the two ESL companies, you probably see that Acadsoc is way better than 51Talk.

Would you like to work in a field which is interesting, harmonious and exciting? Then, choose to work with Acadsoc. Be one of the happiest teachers and live a fulfiling life.