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Teaching English Online Guide: Step by Step (Steps to be an online tutor in Acadsoc)

1.How to teach ESL online?

Many teachers believe that teaching online is very challenging and intimidating. What’s more, they tend to believe that companies are very biased in terms of their preference, and for that reason, they lose out on such a rewarding experience. Certain ESL companies however, have a great deal of transparency and stick with you whether you’re a successful candidate or not. One of these companies is called Acadsoc.

(1) Do You Qualify

When it comes to this job, a candidate needs to be (preferably) a native English speaker with an educational background. Prospective teachers need to have access to a computer with cabled connection (wifi acceptable), a webcam and a noise-cancelling headset. Prospective teachers need to be able to convey ideas through a one on one classroom format using this equipment.

(2) Apply

Applying to the company is very easy. Prospective teachers can visit the company website – the steps are very simple, enter your details including your CV. There is a lead time of forty-eight hours before you may receive a response via email. It is important to note that interviews are conducted via Skype, so, having a Skype profile is imperative.

(3) Interview

The interview which is scheduled ahead of time is thirty minutes long and consists of an introduction and a demo class. This is an opportunity to showcase your skill as a teacher and the feedback is almost immediate. For some candidates, if the demo class is unsuccessful, the teacher may have a second chance to go at it again.

(4) Training

For teachers who pass the interview, training is scheduled and conducted via the company’s website. It covers the basics, your introduction audio and profile, salary, class etiquette and scheduling. Teachers can take their time with their training and this can take up to a week – it gives teachers to ask all the pertinent questions.

Test lessons are the last phase of the teacher’s assessment and play an integral part in the teacher’s understanding of how the company works and the atmosphere of the classroom – especially if they don’t have much experience.

Upon passing the training, teachers can start scheduling times for their classes. They get paid the base rate of $4.5 dollars for every lesson taught. If a teacher can obtain an 80% booking rate, they will become a qualified teacher.

(5) Qualified Teachers (Top Tutors)

Qualified teachers are usually the top earning and top performing teachers in the company. They have many perks, including being paid for slots open with no students. More opportunities are open to these teachers who have proven themselves within the company.

Being an Acadsoc teacher is so rewarding, from the first lesson taught, you can start teaching within three days and enjoy a rewarding experience from the first day.

2.Tha Salary and Bonus

There are so many bonuses offered by the company. Teachers are constantly made aware of these opportunities to make extra money whether they are at test phase or qualified phase. Teachers come from different backgrounds and have different strategies of teaching but the company believes in providing all teachers with the same amount of opportunities. Recently, there has been a sign up of teachers who are knowledgeable about music to provide ten minute classes to children and adults. This was a great opportunity for teachers who are gifted in the arts and culture space.

(1)Qualified Teacher’s Bonus

This bonus is generally open to qualified teachers who have proven themselves to be exceptional at what they do. To qualify, you will need to have and maintain a booking rate of 80% for all your open times. For new teachers however, this opportunity to earn is also open to you. Within the first month, a newly recruited teacher will need to improve their booking rate to 80% if they want to remain in this earning stream.

(2)Enrollment Bonus

Many teachers conduct trial lessons for students who are interested in enrolling with Acadsoc. Not only does the teacher keep the student who enrolls, but for every student that enrolls, the teacher receives an enrolment bonus.

(3)Tutor Referral Bonus

Another kind of enrolment bonus is the refer a teacher program where depending on the type of promotion, a teacher is paid a bonus for every successful candidate that is referred.

(4)Class Completion Bonus

Class completion deals with successfully completing all the booked classes without any issues and complaints. Teachers receive bonus points that translate into a bonus in the salary for all their classes that are completed successfully – per cut-off.

(5)Perfect Attendance Bonus

This type of bonus is very easy to attain. All that a teacher needs to do is to be present for all their classes per cut-off. The teacher needs to clock-in on time, which is usually thirty minutes before their first class. This is one of the easiest ways to earn bonuses.

The company plays its role in making sure that it maintains its contractor retention, but, teachers also have a major role to play in their bonus exploitation.

3.Flexibility is Acadsoc, the Best Choice for Your Teaching Online from Home

There are many notable perks to working an online based job. Flexibility is a major component and so many companies highlight this fact that it can sometimes be very synonymous with redundancy. Companies fail at times to explain the concept of flexibility when there is fine-printing that puts teachers at a disadvantage. These include minimum amount earned, minimum hours to work and many other factors that differ from company to company. When it comes to Acadsoc, this differs very much. The company epitomizes the word flexibility.

(1)Working from Home

The company, like other ESL companies, affords teachers with the opportunity to work in the comfort of their own home. Working from home means that you can set your own hours. These hours can range from four to ten hours, all dependent on how much free time you have on your hands. The company requires teachers to work a minimum of four hours although they are encouraged to schedule peak times to maximize on their earning potential.


The requirements are simple. Teachers need access to a computer with a stable connection that is preferably cabled, although Wi-Fi is not totally discouraged. Teachers also need to have a high definition web-camera and headset. On the technical side, this is all that is required – on the other hand, teachers are required to have a few hours and a great attitude to complete the criteria.


The job is very independent, but one great aspect of the company is their level of support. Teachers have an open direct line of communication with their direct supervisor, training manager and the client support. Teachers are encouraged to communicate their challenges with all these members of the support chain to ensure that issues are fixed and attended well on time. Information is readily available and the company is constantly giving teachers tips to be more effective in their lessons and communication.

Companies tend to emphasize flexibility but very few companies are like Acadsoc. The company has a twenty-four hour support line where any issues that occur may be attended to quickly and sorted out as efficiently as possible.

4.Take Our Hand – with You All the Way.

Being a new recruit in a big company may leave you feeling very gloomy. For this reason, teachers are supplied with an exceptional level of support. There is a large support pool available to all teachers. Various platforms are utilized to improve on efficiency and effectiveness. This has a positive reflection on the company because being an ESL company depends so much on information and communication that support is the driving mechanism that smoothens out the whole process.


Acadsoc uses different platforms to communicate with its teachers and clients. The company uses emails, Skype, QQ International and direct cellphone lines as a means of communication. The reason why this is so is because the teachers and clients are not confined to one communication platform, and when it comes to technology, sometimes there can be errors and different platforms increase the effectiveness and efficiency for all parties involved.

(2)Chain Support

The chain of support has a variety of role players from the clients, teachers, customer support agents, direct supervisors and training managers. For the clients, the direct link is client support (known as CS). The CS is responsible for liaising with the client in conjunction with the teacher when the client is having issues or when the client wants to change the teaching platform. For the teachers, their support structure consists of the direct supervisor, training manager and the CS. Grievances pertaining to scheduling, salary and any relevant information is directed to the direct supervisor or training manager. Issues pertaining to the delivery of the classroom, are to be directed to the CS.


A supervisor is like your friend in this company. They are always having your best interests at heart. They constantly update you with new establishments, information and tips to be the best that you can be. The supervisors oversee your schedule plotting and always plot your schedule a week in advance. The supervisors also take care of your cancellations when emergencies occur and are your overall teaching experience.

(4)Client Support

Client support is there to make sure that you conduct your classes with ease and contact the client on your behalf when students are absent or having any other related problems. The client support department often resolves issues in less than two minutes.

Support in this company is taken very seriously, and when it comes to going up against their closest competitor, Acadsoc is miles ahead.

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