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Professional Personal Growth in Acadsoc -A Teacher’s View

With the emergence of so many ESL learning platforms providing services to Asian people in the recent years, I have the pleasure of working with one of the best companies in the industry.

Acadsoc provides teachers with office convenience in the comfort of their own homes. Within a week of my application, I was already scheduled for an interview with one of the friendliest moderators I have ever had the pleasure of speaking to. The environment was so relaxed that I had complete confidence in being myself, and that is something that has been consistent for the past ten months.

My classes have introduced me to different types of personalities, young and old. The fact that teachers do not have to rely only on one platform for delivering classes is completely new. Acadsoc offers its clients and teachers a range of platforms —QQ International, Skype, e-Classroom, and Class In as a method to deliver a class. Should any issues occur, the system dedicates a qualified support agent (known as a CS) to your problem within two minutes—another addition that differentiates Acadsoc from the rest.

Many of the teachers who are contracted to ESL companies have many issues to deal with in terms of payment of their salaries. Many of these companies have regulations and minimum amounts that should be reached before a teacher can be paid. With Acadsoc, the teachers are paid twice a month (on the sixteenth and the first day of every month), no matter how much you have earned. Salaries are paid through Paypal, an extremely convenient way to move money around in an age where sharing personal banking details may be cause for concern for some.

In all my four years of teaching online, I can honestly state that Acadsoc is so different in ways it communicates with its clients and teachers. There are so many opportunities available to teachers who have proven themselves – whether it be writing, editing or even creating content in the form of lesson materials, rest assured that if you remain faithful to the company, they will be faithful to you by providing you with so many opportunities.

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